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More Projects

Bank Account Interface Project:

This project consists of multiple units:

Web Sites to Gather Claimant Data:

Create Web sites for the collection of claimant data for class action lawsuits. Some sites have over 500,000 claimants filing and each site is customized to gather information specific to the details of the lawsuit. SQL Server databases are used for the retention of the collected data, and for security reasons, the Web databases and the local databases are kept separate.

In the evening, data from the Web sites is downloaded and merged with local data that is maintained by case administration applications that were developed by Ariste Software.

High Speed Scanner Data Integration:

The storage and maintenance of printed data requires to use of high speed scanners. Sometimes the paper documents have been formatted for the scanning process so that the data is directly placed into custom databases. However the format of the scanning databases is controlled by the combination of the scanned form and the scanning software. Ariste Software created applications that transferred the scanned data into the companies local databases.

Case Tracking Application:

Information gather by Web sites along with data obtained by scanned documents and manual data input is maintained by a Case Administration application. The information is maintained on three levels:

The case tracking application, as designed and developed by Ariste Software, provides the user with the ability to access and view the data at each of these levels while implementing security provisions so that users can be grouped with each group having different access privileges.

Todd Cary is the owner and principle developer of Ariste Software, and when additional resources are are needed to meet deadlines, a network of other developers is called upon.

The above is a partial list of the applications that Ariste Software has recently developed. Details about other applications or greater detail on the above can be obtained upon request.